If you have been thinking of owning a business you are in the right place. OPEN FOR BUSINESS – Your Business Ownership Lab is the first stop in your entrepreneurial journey before you start any business. We teach through our online master class the tools and resources to research businesses in any markets and at your own pace. Through our education focused coaching, you will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape while identifying and vetting the right path for you, should it be launching a startup, investing in a turn-key concept, or acquiring an existing business. Below are just a few of the topics we cover through our business ownership master class and our coaching sessions.



It begins with you. The right business is one that leverages your strengths, talents and skills and that aligns with your vision of the best life you could create for you and your family. We guide you in being acutely aware of your competitives advantages and in understanding several approaches to business ownership so that you gain clarity on what the right type of business in the right market can to do for you.



Congratulations, you have a brilliant idea! Or maybe several. Most startups fail because they lack the knowledge and the discipline of refining their business idea before they invest significant energy, money, and time. We share business tools and methodology that help you to be on target with the problem(s) your ideal customers needs you to solve through your startup.



The wild world of franchising and business opportunities has its own rules and even its own language. We teach you how to find and determine if a turn-key model is a good match for you and how to communicate with franchisors and licensors, how to read between the lines of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), how to interview franchisees, and what to expect.



While there is no shortage of businesses that are for sale, finding a one that is profitable and in your geographic area of choice can be time consuming and tricky. Through our workshops you will understand the valuation of a company, how avoid the pitfalls inherent to buying an existing businesses, how to communicate with brokers and how to read between the line of business financials.

Hi, I’m Patricia Bottero St-Jean.

I know from experience that business ownership is the ultimate vehicle to the American Dream. I started my first business over three decades ago. I was a clueless European immigrant who could barely speak English, with no business experience and minimal capital. I should have failed and become part of the dismal business failures statistics. Yet for the next 20 years I built a business that grew to a respectable enterprise and employed a team of 50. Along the way, I made many blunders, and in the process I developed the practical  knowledge that is compiled in my courses so that you can take shortcuts to your success and avoid the most common mistakes people make when starting a business.

I know from experience that business ownership is the best way to truly build a life of abundance, one that prioritizes who is important to you and what is important to you. It is a tremendous equalizer and glass ceiling shatterer.  No job can beat the life of one who is self-sufficient, self-empowered and self-employed with the right business for them. This is what I teach in my course. How to exercise due diligence and, with the right research, pick the best business for you so that you can build a life you love.

I am thrilled to be part of your entrepreneurial journey and I look forward to supporting you along the way.

Cheers to building a life we love!


What These Entrepreneurs Say…

Patricia offers way more than professional advice or consultant service. Working with her and OPEN FOR BUSINESS means a relationship because she goes further, answering your question even before you ask since she ties her work to your needs. After a few sessions, she knows your goal better than you as you are still searching. That is simply called experience in the real business world, first hand, for years, without delegating or procrastinating. If your goal is to find a solution, aka the best business for your life -and you can’t do it alone as there are a lot of factors to consider- you should look at them from different angles other than yours, well, Patricia is ready to help you. Patricia will teach you how to be smart and happy with your new business even if you have to change continent to open a new business and move to another county. 

Tommaso Labarile E-2 Visa investor – Italy

Patricia’s long term expertise in entrepreneurship is best shared with her clients via her extremely insightful coursework, Right Business Right Life.

I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the best ways to start or buy a business, and how to integrate the chosen business with my ideal lifestyle.

Financing the business is an important aspect that I’ve learned in this course, and Patricia has the gift to motivate and find resources for her clients in such a way that it does not become overwhelming.

Patricia’s coaching style has not only looked at my personal strengths and accountability but always stayed aligned with my personal goals.

I’d fully recommend the Right Business Right Life course to anyone looking at becoming a business owner, either through a new concept or an already proven one. E2 Visa investor- Roumania

Patricia was a guest presenter to my networking group. Her presentation on “How to Start A Business That Leverages Your Strengths & Meets Your Goals” was awesome and well received by the job seekers. I found Patricia to be very professional and knowledgeable in her field. She knows how to speak to the audience and present the material in an engaging manner. Patricia is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping others to achieve their dreams of owning their own business. I would highly recommend Patricia as a guest speaker to any organization.

Patricia has a lot of experience with small business ownership and the process involved with getting your own company up and running. I have worked with her throughout the last year to secure my first business purchase. Her method consists of finding the right business based on your personality and long term goals and she works hard to find the right opportunities for you. Working with Patricia is great for those of you who have no formal education in business (I did not). Transitioning into business ownership requires goal setting and accountability to get through each step in the process. Patricia provides this accountability along with guidance and support as issues come up. Thanks again for your help Patricia.

After years in the corporate world it was time for a change and I felt trapped. Fortunately I met Patricia who has been my professional coach and the steady “hand on the tiller” guiding me to a professional rebirth through franchising. She used time and expertise to understand my situation and strengths and match me to an opportunity that I love without any pressure to take action on her behalf. Her nurturing counsel helped make the decision to start my own consulting business simple. Patricia’s business acumen is first rate which is proving important as she still provides coaching as I grow my business.

Krista Valdonidos

Digital Marketer.

“I highly recommend Patricia’s program, Right Business Right Life, along with her coaching services, to anyone who wants to start a business.  Her program offers so much value and so many resources.  But perhaps the greatest resources is Patricia herself.   With over 30 years as a business owner, she brings to the table insights and hard-won lessons gained through her own experience.  The conversations with her through the coaching sessions helped me clarify what it is I really want out of my business:  In my  case, it is an online business that I can develop from home, while working around my family life.  Patricia’s unique approach to business, combined with her detailed process of research and discovery, truly can help you find your right business and your right life.”

Patricia helped me create my accounting firm Padgett in Mountain View from zero. She provided me very practical, patient and professional ways to analyze different business models and my personalities to finalize my choice that best suitable for me. Without her help, I wouldn’t run my business this smoothly. I have been following her seminars and events. Every time, there’s always an idea enlighten me that helps me running my business. I highly recommend Patricia who will provide you tailored and best business learning experience.

Patricia is a great business coach for identifying and recommending the right suitable business for one. She delivers a strong comfort and security to work with with the extra services like lawyers and other services which one can need when moving. I highly recommend Patricia to anyone!

An extraordinary and happy piece of serendipity led us to Patricia Bottero St-Jean when we first moved to Santa Barbara. Having sold our business of 16 years, we were looking for new investment opportunities and new adventures. On being introduced to Patricia, whose passion and mission is exactly to help people find business opportunities tailored to their needs and skill sets, we started to work with her to find our new business….we are both extremely grateful and indebted to her for her time, expertise and commitment to our future success and happiness.