Your Business Ownership Lab

If you don’t build your dream,

someone will hire you

to help build theirs.

– Tony Gaskin

About Open For Business

As you step into the thrilling path of creating and growing a business, you will find that the cost of not knowing what you don’t know can be tremendous to you and your business. OPEN FOR BUSINESS teaches you how to research and find “the right business for you” before you jump into entrepreneurship. Through our online education and our coaching sessions we show how to:

  • Identify & leverage your strengths in talents, skills, behavior by discovering your genius zone which is where you want to be in business.
  • Get clarity on your goals and priorities in life to choose a business that can actually align with these for you and your family.
  • Identify the pros and cons of various business formats such as a new startup from your idea, a turn-key concept, or the acquisition of an existing business, and decide on the right one for you.
  • Understand the possibilities and limitations of absentee and semi-absentee versus full time operation models, of home based versus location driven brick and mortar concepts, of book-of-business models and others.
  • Refine and vet your new business startup idea so that it will fly and not flop with a proven methodology used by Fortune 500 companies.
  • Find and evaluate small independent business(es) that are for resale and new turnkey franchises or business opportunities open for development. What questions to ask your broker or consultant and what they can and cannot do for you.
  • Identify funding sources for startup costs and for working capital including paying yourself during ramp-up.

Before you make the jump into self-employment and invest significant energy, money and time in a business that might or might not be the right match for you, take the time to explore the lay of the land of business ownership. OPEN FOR BUSINESS is your GPS to navigate the world of entrepreneurship with your eye wide-open. These uniquely practical lessons will transform your world and prove their value time and time again throughout your entrepreneurial career.

How We Support You

About Patricia Bottero St-Jean

“Business ownership is the ultimate vehicle to the American Dream and to truly build a life of abundance, one that prioritizes who and what is important to you. It is a tremendous equalizer and glass ceiling shatterer. With the right business, no job can beat the life of one who is self-sufficient, self-empowered and self-employed.” ~ Patricia Bottero St-Jean.

With 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, speaker and business mentor, Patricia Bottero St-Jean founded OPEN FOR BUSINESS, LLC a company that specializes in helping aspiring entrepreneurs explore their lives’ possibilities as owners of their business and that guides them in identifying several possibilities where they can be most successful and happiest. OPEN FOR BUSINESS provides education, mentoring, and resources to individuals who are in the exploration stages of owning a business either as a startup, a turn-key concept or an acquisition.

Bottero’s entrepreneurial journey began in her mid-twenties when as a new immigrant to California she created her first business involving services, retail, light manufacturing and e-commerce and that grew over twenty years providing jobs for a team of fifty. Business ownership gave Bottero everything she dream of: time flexibility to be a parent on her own terms, income and security to support her lifestyle, citizenship to a country she loves, and the freedom of time to reach many personal growth milestones including earning a BA in Political Economy from The University of California, Berkeley, and a MBA from The California State University. As her company grew so did Bottero’s business acumen and practical in-the-trenches experience which she shares with the world through OPEN FOR BUSINESS – Your Business Ownership Lab.

Today, Bottero’s mission is to teach aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide how to build a life of their own design by learning how to research and choose the right business for them; one that aligns with their strengths, their talents and their vision of an abundant life. Over the past three decades she has inspired and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs in their business ownership journey.

About You

Here is what we know about you. You might live anywhere in the 50 United States or in the world and you are not entirely satisfied with your life’s status quo. Perhaps you always wanted to own a business, or perhaps you came to the realization that working on someone else’s dream is never going to give you financial security, abundance nor a life prioritizing who and on what is important to you. Welcome to OPEN FOR BUSINESS, Your Business Ownership Lab where we support you by sharing the business knowledge you need if you are:

  • At a crossroads in your career and are considering business ownership as a better path.
  • A stay-at-home parent who wishes to start a part-time or full time business while raising the kids.
  • A veteran who seeks to build a new civilian life.
  • A professional seeking to diversify your revenues for financial security by owning an absentee business while keeping a full time career.
  • A foreign national pursuing the American dream via an investor’s E2 or EB-5 visa.
  • A new or soon to be retiree strategizing an encore.
  • A recent graduate with an entrepreneurial spirit.

In all cases, your destination is to consciously create your chosen Lifestyle, Income, Freedom and Equity (L.I.F.E.) with business ownership as your vehicle to success. But before you jump in and spend considerable energy, money and time in any venture that may or may not be the right fit for you and your family, OPEN FOR BUSINESS, provides you with the tools to learn how to identify the business models that will leverage your strengths and meet your life goals, should it be via a new idea startup, a turn-key concept or the acquisition of an existing business that is for sale. Through practical business education courses, and coaching sessions we help you explore the landscape of business ownership to give you the tools to find the right path to your success. If you want to put all odds of success on your side as you transition into the world of small to midsize enterprise (SME) ownership, join us to learn how to select the right business for you.