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How systems influence how much equity is in a business (and help you decide what kind of business you should start.)
Starting a Business

How systems influence how much equity is in a business (and help you decide what kind of business you should start.)

Many people dream of owning a business because they envy the Lifestyle, the Income, the Freedom and the Equity- L.I.F.E.™ - that successful business owners enjoy. Yet the majority are too afraid to choose the entrepreneurial life, conjuring up scary visions of 80 hour workweeks, sleepless nights, and possible failure. Certainly, depending how you set up your business and how prepared you are as an entrepreneur, starting and owning any business is not easy. But like any career, no one is born knowing how to run a business and most of us start our business career like we do any other career: by becoming savvier and more skilled overtime. As the business grows, we grow, and vice versa. In owning a business, your skill-set and success are entirely up to you, and by how much continuous learning you invest in time and money. Even those who have had successful careers in the corporate world should not underestimate the challenges of becoming a small business CEO of even of one person company.  There is one framework that, when applied with discipline, makes the business owner’s life, and their success, easier and faster and that hugely contribute to an abundant life. Well-known but actually surprisingly ignored by many small to midsize business owners are business systems. A system is a set of procedures that are repeatable, documented, and enforced with the intent of creating consistency, save time, money and increase predictability. Every aspect of a business can use a system, from the simple act of greeting customers, to building a marketing plan, to growing a team, developing new products or services, etc. Even the building of systems should be a system. There is one other less obvious advantage to building a well-oiled machine of business systems, besides giving the owner more time...
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