Start a Business Research and Private Coaching

Start a Business Research and Private Coaching 


Hey there Freedom Seeker!

Are you considering starting or buying a business? What a liberating thought that is! If we just met, welcome to OPEN FOR BUSINESS! You’re in the right place.
I’m Patricia. I love freedom, and I believe the most rewarding path to freedom, financially and personally, is entrepreneurship, especially in the United States.
That’s why I’m a Start-a-Business Coach. I’ve worked in the trenches of business ownership for the past 30 years and I help:
– US residents launch their own business anywhere in the US.
– Foreign nationals, from the world-over, start or buy a business in the US via an E2 or EB5 Investor’s Visa.
As you seek to build or reinvent a lifestyle that’s meaningful to you, you might ask: Should I start a business that gives me the ability to prioritize who and what matters most to me? My opinion is YES, but I invite you to NOT take my word for it. Instead, I urge you to first explore, validate, and plan, ON PAPER, before you commit significant money and time to any business you might startup from zero or buy. A majority of entrepreneurs fail because they skip the crucial early-stage business planning. My objective is to guide you to successfully launch a business by avoiding costly mistakes, saving time and money, and getting to profit faster.
I invite you to book a COMPLIMENTARY STRATEGY SESSION with me.  We’ll discuss your idea for a business and I’ll offer my feedback on the next steps you can take on your own. If we find that it’s a good fit, I’ll share how I can assist you either as your private coach or through my monthly online membership. Both options include a step-by-step roadmap to starting your business and that you will follow at your own pace. 
Cheers to starting the right business for you!
Patricia Bottero St-Jean, MBA
Start-a-Business Coach

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