[Free Book Preview #1]  RIGHT BUSINESS RIGHT LIFE – From Fed-up Employee to Freed-up Entrepreneur

Hey there, Freedom Seeker!

Welcome to the exhilarating big sky of small business entrepreneurship!

I wrote a book for you! In the next couple of months, I’ll share sections of the book with you before it’s released for publication and available for purchase.



This book is for you if you feel stuck in a dead-end life situation or a soul-sucking job. Starting, building, and growing the right business could be the path to making a meaningful impact on your life and the lives of others.

This book is for you and for the millions who wish to free themselves from the “get a job” trap that leads to a perpetual hamster wheel they did not imagine their life would turn out to be.

According to Gallup research, almost 70 % of the U.S. workforce is, at best, disengaged with their job. Many are even actively disgruntled. For discouraged workers, life as an employee has too few upsides. Many had great careers in corporate, but once they pass their prime as a worker, corporations will push them out to replace them with a less experienced but cheaper workforce.  Others experience a triggering life event – a new growing family, the end of a relationship, an accident, a health issue – or other life changes that prompt them to reevaluate the meaning of committing their lives to the demands of a company.

If this is you, I am glad you are here! This book is written for you. It aims to give you another set of possibilities beyond trading time for dollars while guiding you to minimize the risks of business ownership by first consciously choosing the business with which you will thrive.

Yet, let’s not sugarcoat life as an entrepreneur. Business ownership has inherent trials, especially if this is a new world to you. The goal here is to show you a formula to minimize the risks and maximize the outcomes by beginning with the end in mind, which isn’t only profits. The end in mind of owning and running a small to mid-size purpose-driven enterprise is to have the freedom of crafting a life of your design, with money as only one of the many positive outcomes.

In short, the aim is to show you how to:

  • Maximize not just your financial success but also your career happiness.
  • Discover how to research and choose your best fit for purpose-driven business,
  • Choosing the right business vehicle for crafting your ideal lifestyle.

Use this book as a starting point in exploring the possibilities of your life as an entrepreneur before you leap into entrepreneurship, before you quit that job, and before you invest significant sums in any business.

Its purpose is to be your unbiased roadmap to identify and pick the business model or idea that is the best fit for you, for who you are, and for the life you want this business to facilitate for you.

A Counterintuitive Process

Contrary to common assumptions, financial success with a small to mid-size business (SMB) shouldn’t start by vetting economic viability, return on investment, and scalability, taught in business schools. Why? Because business schools teach how to build companies that require large investments. There are huge implications between starting a venture capital-funded business that trades equity for capital and a small business where the owner keeps 100% of the equity and decision-making power.

Certainly, financial due diligence is critical, but in the case of an SMB,  it only matters after thoroughly examining the fit between the business and its owner. Contrary to the typical method of searching for the latest “hot” money-making idea or a profitable business, starting a business that is a match to its future owner exponentially raises its odds of success.

With an SMB, there are two key components: the entrepreneur and the business model against the market. We begin with you, the entrepreneur.

My greatest hope is to show you how to ensure your SMB entrepreneurial success through a path of least resistance: by finding and choosing the business that can deliver your ideal life. We begin our quest with how internally driven you will be in succeeding because your business is more than a money-making machine. The meaning of your life as a business owner is the first component of your financial success. And yes, to succeed, I contend that you must be happy with the business you picked.

If you doubt that happiness is the key to success in business, let me ask you this. Isn’t unhappiness the reason you want to leave your current situation to start a business? While it might seem a bit fluffy, there is an economic rationale for the fluff. We seek to leverage your competitive advantage and your life purpose, by matching a business to you, its small business leader, and to your vision of a life well-lived, whatever that might represent for you. It starts with you- the entrepreneur.

Welcome to the wild world of small business ownership; an option, if you choose the right one for you, that can free you from being stuck in the doldrums of your time traded for dollars to let you live your life to the fullest. After you read this book, you will examine small to midsize business models from a different perspective.

More importantly, you will know how to identify your best business match. My goal is that by the time you finish this book, you will start applying its principle as you research and verify the right business for your desired life. If you already have identified an idea or two for a business to create or buy, then perfect! Let this book be a validation tool to confirm your ideal match before investing significant sums, time, and energy in business. If you find that your idea for a business is not a good fit after all, then begin a new search.

I’ll show you how.



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