Dare to Dream of Freedom and Success – No Genius Required.

It breaks my heart when I encounter employees who hate their jobs.

And yet, even if they dream of freedom as business owners, they stay stuck with the companies that employ them.

This is why I picked this quote for last Monday’s Mindset:

“You don’t have to be a genius, or a visionary, or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream.” –Michael Dell.

All it takes to succeed in business is a proven framework and a dream.

For small business entrepreneurship, brilliance is overrated because leveraging a framework is how we succeed, no matter how little education, business knowledge, and even money we have.

Without a framework, when we rely on brilliance and creativity, two things can happen:

1) We have to reinvent the wheel through exhausting, expensive, and risky trial and error.

2) Or we stay stuck in a miserable job or life situation because fear of failing breeds overwhelm and overwhelm breeds inaction.

Yet, hating a job we keep for just survival (it pays the bills, we say, as an excuse for not quitting) is no way to live a fulfilling life!

No matter how much a job pays and the so-called security it gives us (which is no longer true in the 21st century), there’s got to be a better way to exist than the soulless work that takes most of our life’s waking hours!

Don’t you agree?

In my mind’s eyes, I still see the glassy eyes and hollow faces of the unhappy employees I met when I gave entrepreneurship workshops at our State’s Employment Development Department. Those who attended my classes had lost their jobs. But most didn’t want to return to working for others. They dreamed of becoming their own boss.

It might even have been you and what led you to receive this message today.

In reality, what stops most people from starting and running a successful small business is the myth that they need exceptional genius to come up with a groundbreaking innovation.

In truth, it doesn’t take a genius (or a college education or a ton of money) to succeed in the small to midsize business (SMB) sector.

Anyone with the desire to succeed and with a proven framework can create a remarkable life for themselves and their loved ones!

In my book, RIGHT BUSINESS RIGHT LIFE, you’ll find the framework I developed from the decades I spent in the trenches of Main Street and online business.

In it, I share the first and most critical stage to create or buy the right business for the life you envision: the research. The book and its bonus 75-page workbook guide you step-by-step through the framework’s 12 milestones to identify business ideas that 1) capitalize on your strengths and 2) can deliver the freed-up lifestyle you dream of.

Small business is the great equalizer:

  • It doesn’t have glass ceilings.
  • It doesn’t have any kind of discrimination.
  • All it takes is the desire to succeed and a proven framework.

If doubts have ever held you back, let this book be your beacon.

Success isn’t reserved for a predestined few.

There are countless people, including myself, who succeeded as business owners in spite of (or because of) not being geniuses in school and not having groundbreaking ideas.

If entrepreneurial freedom is the lifestyle you want, you, too, can do it!

We’ve got the framework for it!

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