[Free Book Preview #15] 4- STEP 4: Paths to business ownership

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Welcome to the exhilarating big sky of small business entrepreneurship!

I wrote a book for you. This book reveals the Unbiased Small Business Research Formula developed from decades in the trenches of American Main Street and online business as a small business entrepreneur and a coach. Its objective is to help you become the successful creator of the new life you envision by objectively guiding you in researching and choosing the right business.

In the next weeks, I’ll share free sections of the book with you before it’s released for publication and available for purchase.

Once you have internally brainstormed your life purpose (#1) , the LIFE+ (#2) your business should facilitate, and the competitive advantage and assets you bring to the table (#3), the fourth and last step is to become acquainted with your possible paths to business ownership. 

Here are the four possible paths to business ownership: 

  • Creation of an independent startup from an idea.

  • Acquisition of an existing business that’s for sale.

  • Development of a turnkey concept such as a franchise or a business opportunity.

  • Acquisition of a developed turnkey concept.

Each path of creating, buying, or developing a business has pros and cons. None of these paths is intrinsically better than the others. Those who argue that one path is safer, less risky, and easier to succeed than the other typically have biases motivated by self-interest. Ultimately, the most successful business path is a good fit for you based on your purpose, LIFE+ goals, leadership style, and personality.

Through the next weeks we will explore the pros and cons of each path in greater detail.

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