[Free Book Preview #16] Creating a Business from the Ground up.

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I wrote a book for you. This book reveals the Unbiased Small Business Research Formula developed from decades in the trenches of American Main Street and online business as a small business entrepreneur and a coach. Its objective is to help you become the successful creator of the new life you envision by objectively guiding you in researching and choosing the right business.

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For most of us, getting into any business is akin to navigating through uncharted territories. One of the most exhilarating paths in this journey is the creation of a business from a mere idea—a spark of imagination and innovation. This path, albeit exciting, is also fraught with uncertainties and demands a fusion of vision, resilience, and a profound sense of purpose from the entrepreneur.

Who this is for:

Starting a business from an idea is a good path for entrepreneurs who prefer to create their own rules and systems or if you are excited to undertake a project that aligns with your life purpose. The startup path is also attractive if you have ambitions of proving your business idea to later expand and scale by

  • Bringing in partners or private equity investors.

  • Expanding by franchising your business to multiple locations and territories.

Creating a business from ground zero can be gratifying. You have identified a need, a problem, or an inconvenience, and you have an idea for a solution. Ideally, there is something innovative and unique about your business idea that will appeal to a particular market segment.

  • You might want this business to be purpose-driven and to make an impact.

  • You are committed to being 100% responsible for all the decisions you will make in your business and your life. 

  • You’re excited about an innovative business idea and to take it to market.

  • You want a business facilitating your vision of a great life. 

  • You can build equity in a company that you will sell someday or pass on to your kids as a legacy.

The advantages:

With a new business idea, you have 100% creative freedom. You get to decide absolutely everything: the solution/product you will sell, to whom you will sell it, from the design of your logo, the color of your walls, the variety of the products the business offers, marketing product creation, etc. You can build equity as you positively impact the world in a way that aligns with your life purpose. 

The challenges:

In creating an independent startup, the biggest hurdle you face is the risk of building something that too few are buying. According to the SBA, 42% of startups fail, not because they fail to deliver what they intended, but because they create a product the market is not interested in buying.

Particularly with a new business, it is essential to invest in your early research (the topic of this book) and the vetting and planning of your business before you incur substantial startup costs of officially launching the company. Objectively proving or disproving your assumptions in advance, the problem you are solving, who you are solving it for, and what best-fit product/solution to solve the problem will save you tremendous time and money and get the business to profits faster*.

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