[Free Book Preview #2]  RIGHT BUSINESS RIGHT LIFE – From Fed-up Employee to Freed-up Entrepreneur

Hey there, Freedom Seeker!

Welcome to the exhilarating big sky of small business entrepreneurship!

I wrote a book for you. This book reveals the Unbiased Small Business Research Formula developed from decades in the trenches of American Main Street and online business as a small business entrepreneur and a coach. Its objective is to help you become the successful creator of the new life you envision by objectively guiding you in researching and choosing the right business.

In the next weeks, I’ll share free sections of the book with you before it’s released for publication and available for purchase.


The book is structured in three parts.

IN PART I, you will gain a perspective on the landscape of small business ownership and why starting a business you own can be the best decision of your life if you pick the right venture or a regrettable one if you don’t. I share what leads new business owners to pick the wrong business and what to look for to avoid falling into these traps. In part I, I hope to convince you why using this framework is critical to your long-term success and happiness.

IN PART II, you’ll find the strategies of the research of the Right Business Right Life™ (RBRL), a formula developed from my own struggles and my experience as a business owner while associating with, mentoring, interviewing, and privately coaching dozens of business startup creators, buyers of independent for-sale companies and franchises, and sellers of businesses. Here we focus on the first and most foundational stage, Stage I, the Research, which deep dives into a systematic and logical roadmap that will lead you to pick the right business for who you are and where you want to be. 

The formula has two components:

  • Internal research has to do with you aligning yourself with the business that serves you and where you will excel as its leader. 
  • External research is looking out into the market to identify the best business or verify that the idea you have is a good choice. 

Each of these two types of research builds upon the other. Internal research is essential for external research. Each has four milestones, as highlighted in the graphs below.

IN PART III, we will deep dive into the execution of each step that you’ve learned in Part II and how to move forward in your research steps to help you gain clarity on the aspects required from the right business for you and help you make the best strategic decision: picking your most ideal and best-matched business to you.

Who doesn’t wish they had the power to craft their life by design based on who and what matters to them? 

One way to achieve that kind of freedom is to no longer depend on an employer for our livelihood. Owning a successful small business can do that, but not just any business will do. Much of your success depends on the business you pick. The rest is on how you run it. Today we focus on the first part.  Yet most people who dream of the entrepreneurial lifestyle never succeed in making it happen, to eventual sad regrets. Some stay stuck in meaningless jobs because of fear of the unknown. Others make the jump to business ownership too quickly and land on their face; either the business doesn’t succeed financially, or they hate their life with it, or both.  It is not their fault. There are many variables in business ownership that lead to a state of overwhelm which is the #1 killer of our dreams because it results in no action or the wrong action. The remedy to “overwhelm” is clarity. This book is a step-by-step guide to your clarity before you quit that job and commit to investing time and money in any type of venture and before you give up on yourself and stay stuck in a life that doesn’t suit you. 

All we are doing here is using an unbiased formula to systematically explore and objectively research the business that can lend a remarkable story to your next life chapter. 

That is all, and that, my fellow freedom seeker, will make all the difference.

One last point before we move on to beginning your journey as the creator of your new life story. You don’t have to do this alone. If you need help in implementing these steps, don’t hesitate to reach out to set up a call anytime you hit a wall and want to speed up to your destination. We are here to support you in your entrepreneurial journey, beginning now. Here is the link

Helping aspiring small business owners successfully become entrepreneurs is what we do. 



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