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PART II: How THE RIGHT BUSINESS RIGHT LIFE™ Formula Guides you to Choose your best fit-business?

If we so choose, each of us has the power to actively create our life story. Each decade, each year, each month, each day offers us the opportunity to be the author of our new life. But what new life? Most new owners only have a vague idea of the life they anticipate with their business. A business we own can be an excellent vehicle for the destination we envision. But not just any business will do. It must be the right business for its owner/operator and one that can get them the life they imagine.

We begin our small business research with the destination in mind instead of the typical approach of picking a business and figuring out how to make it work for our life as we go.  Backcasting the life you envision will guide you to pick the right business that can get you there. Backcasting is the opposite of forecasting. It is a method where you envision a future and work backward to the present by identifying the components of the business that fit the life you wish to have.  Once you have a clear vision of your new life chapter, the next two steps are to research the businesses that can deliver that life and that align with your motivators and your strengths.  

CHAPTER 7 –  Where You Use The Core Mechanism: Alignment through Clarity

“If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?”
– Albert Einstein

Backcasting your future life to the present and, as much as it is possible, minimizes the risks of unpleasant surprises with the business you choose. 

Nothing is worse for a new business owner than to realize, after investing, often their life savings, incurring debt, and quitting a job, that they don’t enjoy their life with the business they picked.  A disparity between an owner’s expectations and the day-to-day reality of running their business is a leading cause of failure. It results in disappointment, discontentment, frustration, and even anger. It can have detrimental consequences on their health, their wealth, and their relationships.

The core mechanism of the Right Business Right Life methodology is alignment through clarity. Meaning before you begin to research business ideas, your first task is to be clear on the life you want and how to capitalize on your strengths. As a future business owner, you can decide what is important to you. Is it to make a ton of money? Is it to live a life of purpose? Is it to have more free time than work time? Or is it a balanced combination of all of the above? Then thoroughly research that the business you choose to either start, buy or develop is in ALIGNMENT with who you are and how you want to live. 

It is that simple!

How do you achieve alignment with the right business when there are endless possibilities in business? Fair question! It is true, out of the millions of possibilities, finding the business that is right for you is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The danger of searching without a formula is the risk of wasting months and years in evaluating countless businesses and never actually starting or buying one. It can lead to unconsciously never making a decision and staying forever stuck in inaction: “I have analyzed dozens of business ideas, and I just haven’t found the right one yet.” Or it can have the opposite effect, leading an aspiring business owner to pick a business hastily or to be sold one, resulting in a disastrous choice. 

As discussed in chapter three, the market biases in SMBs often lead aspiring owners to have misaligned expectations. Our formula for researching the right business helps you navigate business ownership systematically and with objectivity. Right Business Right Life is low-effort, low-risk, and high-reward work (the 20/80) because it is accomplished before investing, quitting a job, and fully committing to a business. 

This principle of alignment through clarity is straightforward. Choosing the right business is more about the life we desire, the destination, than the business itself. The business is just a vehicle.

The two types of research that help you align yourself with the right business are:

  • Internal research: knowing the destination. 
  • External research: identifying the vehicle.

Internal research

This is where you begin your business journey. You’ll gain clarity on the life you want and what you bring to the table as the future leader of your business. With projection and introspection, you can project how you want to live based on who matters the most and what is important to you by envisioning, in granular detail, the ideal life the business should support. With self-discovery exercises and assessments, you’ll develop a keen awareness of your drivers, blindspots, and especially your strengths which become assets for the business you choose. By deliberately choosing a business that highlights your strengths, you can have faster and greater success as a small business leader.

External research 

Here, we look into the business itself and assess it against the backdrop of its environment: the market. In the external research, we examine ways to find business ideas that stem from your life purpose, from what exists elsewhere, from your career capital and strengths, and from what can be observed (and improved) in the four paths to business ownership. There we explore sectors of industry and trends.


The core mechanism of the Right Business Right Life formula is alignment through clarity, which means researching to ensure that the business you choose is an ideal match with who you are and how you want to live.

  • Alignment between you and your business is crucial to success and will prevent disappointment, discontentment, unhappiness, frustration, and even anger.
  • Choosing the right business is more about the life you desire than about the business itself.
  • Internal research involves gaining clarity on the life you want and what you bring to the table as the future leader of your business. Gaining clarity requires introspection and projection, as well as being aware of your drivers, blindspots, and strengths.
  • External research involves examining the business itself in the context of its environment, including market trends, niche advantages, and competition.

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