How to not feel stuck when we lose a job (or lose love for our job.)

Sometimes we lose a job. Other times our job loses us.

Laid off or disengaged, crushed or bored, it’s a slippery career slope. Let’s face this. The path of resenting the hours of our life spent pursuing just a paycheck — because the passion we used to feel for our career -if it ever existed- vanished, that path goes nowhere fun. It’s emotionally, psychologically, and even physically damaging to our health when our work is a survival obligation. And it also keeps us financially stuck. How likely are we to move upward in any career if our heart isn’t into it?

Deep down, you and I know this: being miserable at work is no way to exist. The only time misery at work is useful is when the daily grind is unbearable enough to fuel an act of rebellion. Getting pissed off is positive when it guides us to make changes for “better.”

I am not revealing any state secrets here. We know that as employees we also have the ability to create our own job, one that we’ll love, with a business that’s ours. A business we own where the hours we already work add meaning (and equity) to our life can be a better path to success in life.

Absolutely, we can, and as soon as we shed light on all the self-made excuses that we are so clever in believing. Our subconscious can be a jokester with a sick sense of humor. It’s incredibly good at making us think how rational we are, especially to cover up what our heart truly wants but is scared of acting upon it.

Don’t shoot the messenger as I remind you that you most likely have more options than you think. My favorite quote is from Henry Ford:

“If you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.”

If you look outward, you’ll find unlimited opportunities in the world of entrepreneurship, either by creating or acquiring a business. But first, you must look inward. What is really -I mean really- stopping you?

Are you disenchanted at work? You are not alone. Gallup finds that “Quiet quitters” make up at least 50% of the U.S. workforce. Sadly, most employees don’t do anything about it and commit themselves to a life sentence of quiet disgruntlement, jumping from one job to another.

I invite you to do something about it. Actually, first, let’s talk about it. If your job no longer engages you, why not consider creating your own?

There are no risks in considering the career and life options you might find in entrepreneurship, big or small, full-time or part-time. I invite you to our next small group (10 seats only) discussion — Employee to Entrepreneur — on the first Saturday of next month at 10:00 AM Pacific.

Let’s take an unproductive hour of Facebook or some other social media toxin that no one ever misses. Instead, we’ll use that hour to have a candid conversation with a few other courageous souls who also wish to carefully, diligently, and thoroughly examine what it would take to become the employer they wished they had.

Click here to reserve your seat.

I hope you make it. If you are like any disengaged employee, the rest of your life might depend on it.

Cheers to living a life you love!

Patricia Bottero, MBA

Start-a-business coach, freedom seeker, and your biggest cheerleader in creating a life with more freedom and greater income.

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