Life’s Curveballs as Cues

For most of us, our life journey will be unexpectedly interrupted at least once, sometimes several times.

Perhaps we experience a devastating loss, we reach burnout, or we encounter sudden turmoil. We find ourselves at a critical turning point of reevaluation.

Psychologists call this Posttraumatic Growth or PTG.

Some call it a midlife crisis.

I call it a new life chapter.

For new parents, it could be prompted by a growing family and realizing we have new diaper-wrapped priorities above and beyond our jobs.

Or we might have been suddenly laid off, this one too many Fridays.

It could be exiting a career that no longer serves us or being pushed out of our corporate job because as we reach 50 years old, companies no longer value our experience and loyalty.

It could be the end of a long-term romantic relationship or the passing of someone we love.

It could also be a health scare that prompts us to reevaluate what’s more important than morning-to-evening job grinds and time-vampire commutes.

For most of us, any of these status quo interruptions become a pivot point — a moment that pushes us toward a path less traveled and promises freedom, fulfillment, and purpose… the path of business ownership.

But this entrepreneurial journey isn’t just about finding success in the conventional sense. It is the ambitious goal of discovering a way to make our work an extension of our deepest values and aspirations AND that also delivers financial and career success.

For me, the pivot point came when I realized that my favorite flavor of success is measured by the alignment of my livelihood with my life purpose, something I could not achieve with just any job or just any business.

This realization is crucial for anyone standing at a crossroads and contemplating the leap into entrepreneurship. Understanding your life purpose is the foundation for a fulfilling life and career as a business owner.

It’s about identifying what truly matters to you beyond the societal benchmarks of success and letting who and what matters to you guide your business decisions.

So, how does one find the idea for your purpose-driven business?

The path to discovering our life purpose begins with introspection and self-exploration.

It involves peeling back the layers of expectations—both self-imposed and external—to reveal the core of what gives our lives meaning.

For me, it meant recognizing that my passion for empowering others to become freed up as entrepreneurs and experience meaningful change was not just a hobby or a side interest; it grew out of my purpose and values: living with as much freedom as possible while helping others do the same.

This understanding transformed the way I approached business. Instead of chasing opportunities based purely on their financial potential, I started to seek out business ideas that resonated with my values and purpose.

To anyone standing on the precipice of a career and life transition and who is contemplating the leap into entrepreneurship, consider this:

  • Your life purpose is not just a guide for personal fulfillment.
  • It is a powerful fuel for the financial success of your business venture.
  • When you build a business that reflects your values and because you communicate these values to the world, you create something far more resilient and fulfilling than a mere source of income.
  • You create a unique brand identity that attracts the right people to you, employees, customers, and stakeholders, because you stand for something they share.
  • With your purpose, your “why,” you make an impact with your business, which becomes the “how” to your “why.”

Succeeding with a purpose-driven business is how you create the legacy of a life lived with no regret.

When life throws a curveball at you, embrace the pivot point.

Let it guide you toward a business that not only succeeds in the market but thrives as a reflection of your life purpose. This alignment is the first and most crucial step toward entrepreneurial success and a life with freedom, income, and meaning.

But first, I invite you to uncover your true life purpose and then start a business that fits you.


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