No idea for a business? No problem! There are 4 paths to entrepreneurship.

Do you wish you could get into a business that can give you more freedom and greater income but you don’t have a burning idea for a business?

If so, you are not alone!

You don’t need to have disruptive startup ideas like entrepreneurs Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, or Sara Blakely to be successful as a business owner. There are millions of business owners who succeed in crafting a successful and abundant life without starting a business from a unique idea.

I often meet employees who want to quit the 8:00 AM to silly hours grind and commute but don’t really have an idea on what kind of business to start.

If this is you, no problem!

There are many options for you among the 4 paths to business ownership. Each has its own pros and cons and not every path is right for everyone.

The most critical step is to start with the right path for you!

This means picking the path to business ownership that capitalizes on the skills and talents you already have, AND picking the business that can deliver the type of life you want to have.

In this short video, I give an overview of the 4 paths to entrepreneurship. Click below to view it.

In the next articles and videos, I share details on the pros and cons of each path to business ownership.

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Getting started

If this is you…

Do you want greater freedom & income from a business you own?

If so, you probably have a question or two about starting a business from an idea or buying one.

A critical step is to build a business foundation for success BEFORE you invest greatly.

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