Should You EVEN Want to Start a Business?

On the first Saturday of each month, I host a discussion to field questions from individuals considering starting a business, either full-time or part-time.

The goal of the discussion is not to convince anyone that one type of business is better than others, or even that entrepreneurship is a great path.

Even though I love small businesses, I don’t attempt to persuade anyone that starting one is the best way to live their life, even if, for me and many others, it is. Here we are curious to discover if it might be right for you.

The objective of the meeting is to encourage you objectively evaluate starting a business by asking the right questions. These questions can help you decide if business ownership is for you and under what conditions.

Many who are considering starting (or buying) a business don’t realize that owning a small business is more about the life you want with that business than the business itself. Once you have clarity on your life objectives and what it means in granular detail to live a life you love, then comes the research to pick the appropriate vehicle for your self-employed career.

It is true that when crafted by design, living from your own business can be a remarkable and fulfilling journey. From my professional experience of three decades in the trenches of business ownership, it is a life I love. 

Because I choose to live my life by design, I get up every morning excited about working with soon-to-be business owners. My deep-seated purpose is to guide others toward more freedom by making the best decision with the tools, resources, and unbiased guidance and to grow personally and financially. I am fortunate to have discovered not just my purpose, but also the vehicle to actualize it. It makes life more enjoyable, and it helps me be more resilient to whatever challenges come my way.

Should you choose to start any business, I wish you the good fortune of picking a business that can be the HOW to your WHY. Starting a business by following your life purpose is not absolutely required to be successful. However, it adds a tremendous dimension to a life well-lived.

Even if you find that starting a business is not for you, or not for you right now, the outcome is still positive because it will let you focus your mental and physical energy on another and better path. There is nothing more effective in helping us identify and commit to our goals than having closure.

Our upcoming monthly discussion is on the first Saturday at 10 AM Pacific time.

The topic is about researching your life purpose and using it as a guide to explore business ownership.

If you would like to join us, please click here to save your seat.

Talk soon!

Cheers to living a life you love! 💛


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