Starting a Business: Do not Follow Your Passion, but if you Must, Make these 3 Decisions.

• Decide to become passionate about the art and science of business ownership. I promise it is an awesome way to grow as a person. You’ll never run out of something new to learn. To have freedom and flexibility in your life, you’ll need to scale your passion-business which means eventually removing yourself from producing revenues as a direct contributor. Whenever possible, scale your business by hiring others and by exploring at least another scalable revenue stream to mitigate risks and have more freedom. Focus on business operations until that can be delegated too, and until leadership becomes your main responsibility.

• Be disciplined about vetting trends and fads before relying on them in your business. A trendy fad can derail your business from its mission. Instead of adding to proven sources of revenues it can divert income, cost money and time, and even damage your credibility among your audience.

• Use your deep knowledge to find a specific problem to solve for others who share this passion. And for that, use the one-page business plan to prove or disprove that the inconvenience, annoyance, or problem you plan on solving is real. Ensure that there is at least one segment of customers who are willing and able to pay for the solution you want to offer to them.

So if we haven’t met yet, I’m Patricia Bottero St-Jean. I’m a Start-a-Business Coach, founder of OPEN FOR BUSINESS, which is a business research lab and a coaching agency. I’m here to help you research, vet, plan, and launch the right business for you on a rock-solid foundation so that you can succeed faster.

Let me know in the comments and, or send me a direct message. What is stopping you from starting the right business for you so that you can have more freedom and flexibility. Until next time… cheers to living a life you love! Take care.