The Unmistakable Sign Your New Life Is Calling.

Whenever I witness someone clock in for a job they’ve clearly outgrown, I wish I had a magic red cape to save them.

Like when I give entrepreneurship workshops to job seekers who hated their previous jobs. I don’t see unhappy employees. I see years of lives not fully lived. Dancing daffodils that pushed their bright yellow petals through the Spring mud just to get cut down to size by some giant machine. A machine called a J.O.B. for which they trade their finite human hours.

I see a waste of brilliance and potential.

Like the daffodil, any industrious human reporting diligently to a job that no longer serves them is stuck in the mud. Except that we humans have the power to step outside that spot.

This week, our Monday Mindset quote is by Winston Churchill:

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”

A powerful opinion from the great man. But I believe it is not JUST the courage to continue that counts. It is the courage to step outside of our comfort zone that determines our success and happiness.

Why would we want to continue and persist on the same path if it doesn’t lead anywhere near a thriving life?

Anytime we find ourselves in an unhappy spot, it’s a sign to make it a crossroads of change. We can befriend our misery because it signals us to do something that, deep down, we know we should do but resist. Our misery tells us that it’s time to step outside of our comfort zone.

Hey, dreamer of freedom, of flexibility, of income, and purpose! Are you at that crossroads?

What if you thought of your journey through the corporate world, with its rigid schedules, towering hierarchies, and relentless grind, as your proving ground? What if you regarded each project managed, every deadline met, and all the challenges overcome as the building blocks of your skill set, of your career capital, preparing you for a bigger career?

And if you did quit that job to create a new life chapter as a business owner, will you call yourself a failure? Or will you think of yourself as a courageous man or woman?

The latter, I hope!

These work and life experiences have honed your resilience, sharpened your problem-solving abilities, and taught you perseverance.

Now, as you stand at the crossroads of a possible new career as leader of your business, the question isn’t about continuing on the same predictable path.

It’s about what legacy you wish to build, what dreams you dare to chase, and what freedoms you crave.

Is it the freedom of time, of money, of purpose?

Is the next chapter of your life one of continued service to another person’s vision, or is it time to craft a story of your own making?

Imagine a life where the alarm clock starts a day filled with passion projects, not just job obligations.

Envision a routine that supports your undertakings while allowing you to prioritize who and what matters the most in your life.

Picture an income that doesn’t just sustain but empowers you to live fully, invest in your dreams, and give back in ways that align with your deepest values.

This isn’t just a fantasy—it’s a very achievable reality for those brave enough to begin a new career as entrepreneurs.

Certainly, the path to owning your business is not without its hurdles. But consider this: everything you’ve done so far in your career has prepared you for this moment.

As to the obstacles thrown your way, when you harness them as opportunities to grow, they, too, are here to guide you to succeed. As Churchill said, failure is not fatal.

The skills you’ve acquired, the challenges you’ve navigated, and the resilience you’ve built are the tools you need to embark on this journey. Your next chapter could be the one where you are the author of your destiny, crafting a life of greater freedom, flexibility, income, and purpose.

But how do you find the courage to create a new life chapter?

All we need is to take the risk-free step of exploring the possibilities first and, once you’ve clarity, to map out your journey. You don’t even need to quit that limiting job yet. All you need to do is research your options and investigate the “what ifs.”

So, as you evaluate the road ahead, let these words be your guide.

It is the courage to continuously step outside of your comfort zone that will lead you, as a business owner, to succeed in life and in business.

The experiences you’ve collected have not just prepared you for another job—they’ve laid the foundation for a life where you are in control, a life that you design with intention. Your future is waiting—make it extraordinary.

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