Who are the Clients of Open For Business, LLC

Is your career at a crossroads? Could business ownership be the new road for you? In my role as an International Business Advisor, I assist individuals explore self-sufficiency should it be as semi-absentee or full time entrepreneur/investor. My clients are from the world over and seek a path to achieving lifestyle, income, freedom and equity with business as their vehicle to success. They are:

  • Business owners who wish to take their business to the next level of growth or to re-route it to a more productive and profitable operation.
  • Corporate professionals wishing to break free of the often elusive job security of working for others.
  • Immigrants seeking the American Dream and residency via investors’ visas (E1, E2, or EB5.)
  • Investors looking to diversify their revenue streams as absentee owners or full time owners.
  • Parents who prioritize flexible time for their family while working on their business.
  • Recent graduates driven by an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Retirees starting a new and exciting life chapter.
  • Veterans returning from service to civilian life.
  • Business Owners seeking to grow and scale their business.

Most recent Accolades from a Few Clients:

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