#3 Internal Research of the Right Business (for you)

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The first stage of starting the right business for you is the research. In the research, you need to consider both internal and external research. Internal research is about you and starting the right business for you. In my next videos and blog articles, I’ll be focusing on both types of research starting with internal. Even if you already have an idea for a business you want to start or buy, researching and making sure it’s the right fit for you will prevent heartaches and financial pain. Here is why. In my years of working and associating with hundreds of business owners, I have observed two tragedies. The first tragedy is when entrepreneurs underestimate what it takes to succeed in small business. The second tragedy is when very capable people stay stuck in a job they hate for years and decades simply because they underestimate themselves when researching their possibilities as business owners could have freed them from a soul-sucking job. Today we are looking at the first tragedy: underestimating business ownership.

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