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#4 From Employment to Entrepreneurship: your Competitive Advantage

This is #4 of our series of live videos and articles and this series centers around starting the right business for you so that you can launch it on a rock-solid foundation so that you can get to profit faster, and as a result, live a life you love sooner. The first stage of starting the right business for you is to do both internal and external research. External has to do with the market. Internal research is about you and the business you pick which is our topic today. Last week we discussed the risk of underestimated business ownership with two examples: – choosing a business we end up hating because we only focus on the profitability of the business, – or by wrongly assuming that being an expert in a field automatically makes us an effective business owner in that related field. Today we’re discussing another risk that most don’t realize they are taking. It’s the risk of staying stuck in a job we hate for years and decades simply because of the wrong belief that we cannot succeed as business owners. Most who don’t enjoy their career don’t realize that there is an opportunity cost in staying in a soul-sucking job. The cost is missing out on a better life. And that’s a huge cost. I invite you to book a no-cost strategy consultation with me. We’ll discuss your competitive advantage and how you might start the right business for you and the steps you can take. And if find we are a mutual match collaborate I’ll also share how I can support you and guide you in your entrepreneurial journey.

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Getting started

If this is you…

Do you want greater freedom & income from a business you own?

If so, you probably have a question or two about starting a business from an idea or buying one.

A critical step is to build a business foundation for success BEFORE you invest greatly.

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