Do I want to grow equity in my small business?

To ask before I jump into any business:

Do I want to grow equity in my small business so that I can cash in when I exit it?

If you don’t ask or plan for it, it will be like playing the lottery: with the odds not on your side.

I want to pick your interest in the topic but most importantly to encourage you to think about your strategy WHEN you will be ready to exit your business. Do you want to grow value in your business above and beyond what you initially invested in it? If you acquire an existing business, will you recover your investment and cash in on additional equity you will have built into it? What about a new franchise, what number will you need to produce on a yearly basis to recover multiple of your seller’s discretionary earnings? Maybe equity is not that important to you, and that is fine as long as your consciously make that decision.

Most business owners don’t consider how to build equity and regret it later.

Cheers to building a life we love!


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Getting started

If this is you…

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A critical step is to build a business foundation for success BEFORE you invest greatly.

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